Goals that CFVAG are working on:

  • Organisations that are gender equitable in their practices and promote equal and respectful relationships between women and men – by supporting gender equity in Campaspe workplaces with resources, training, organisation development
  • A Campaspe that promotes and values women’s equal participation and leadership in public and private life – through advocacy activities to increase support for the participation/leadership of women in non-traditional (paid) roles or sectors of employment and for equal pay for jobs of comparable worth
  • A Campaspe that understands the gendered dynamics of family violence, the first causes of family violence, and that family violence can be prevented from happening in the first place – ‘Preventing family violence is everyone’s business’; ‘Gender inequality is the problem, gender equality is the solution’
  • A service system with the understanding and capacity to respond appropriately to all who experience family violence in Campaspe (‘no wrong door’) – local service access resources for services and community; build the capacity of universal services to identify and respond to family violence

The Campaspe Family Violence Action Group currently has three working groups:

Primary Prevention

Terms of Reference

contact Tracie Pearson 5484 4304 or email tracie.pearson@campaspepcp.com.au


Gender Equity & Women’s Leadership

Terms of Reference

contact Paul McKenzie 5481 2240 or email p.mckenzie@campaspe.vic.gov.au

or contact Marnie Jewell 5443 0233 or email marnie.jewell@whlm.org.au


Systems Response

Terms of Reference

contact Danielle Paterson 5485 5826 or email dpaterson@erh.org.au

If you are interested in contributing or becoming involved in these working groups please contact the deputy Chair of the Campaspe Family Violence Action Group –
Paul McKenzie
p: 5481 2240
e: p.mckenzie@campaspe.vic.gov.au